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Our dynamic between tutors and students is based on collaboration and student accountability. We encourage agency and place responsibility for learning on the shoulders of the student as they do the heavy lifting of learning; we are a reliable spotter. 


For students to maximally benefit from tutoring, they must engage in a metacognitive process of separating what they know from what confuses them. When they bring an inquisitive stance to tutoring, and are met with our supportive questioning, they will not only resolve their confusion and learn the necessary academic content to achieve in their coursework, but acquire the steps to address similar problems in the future. In short, they learn how to learn.

Jessica P.
"Thank you very much!! He said he found the session very helpful!! We would love to have another session next week Wednesday if possible and we will be prepared ahead of time with a topic thanks again!!"
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Why A Lone Highway Education? 

The A Lone Highway Education methodology includes: consistent communication to identify your strengths, needs, and goals; progress monitoring on goal accomplishment; and individualized action plans in between sessions.

The name comes from the poem “Bridge Builder” by Ms. W. A. Dromgoole.  A man who crosses a stream turns around to build a bridge for youth who will eventually pass.  A Lone Highway Tutoring will help students of all ages discover their path to success.

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