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Tutoring Progams

Online Tutoring
In-School Instruction

Online Tutoring

Some subjects don’t come easily and can become a barrier to moving forward. We offer tutoring across all required subject areas and for many electives to help students succeed academically and emotionally. The A Lone Highway (ALH) approach to tutoring mirrors our teaching approach: always one-to-one, with one student and one teacher per classroom.

Our tutors are ALH teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and are passionate about the subjects they teach. Our one-to-one approach and emphasis on positive relationships allow our teachers to have a mentoring role in their students’ lives, resulting in not only academic, but social and emotional growth as well.


In-School Instruction

Tutoring can be most effective if sessions are included as part of the school day or directly before or after the school day. Primarily, this integration with schools is important because these programs have higher attendance, and importantly for equity, they’re able to reach the students who need tutoring the most.

When tutoring is part of the school day, tutors and teachers also have more opportunities to share information, and students are more likely to see their tutors as part of the larger school experience.


One-On-One Tutoring

A Lone Highway is your premier in-person service. We work with students of all ages, Pre-K through adult. Our tutors have extensive experience providing one-on-one instruction in Math, English, Social Science, History, and Accounting, as well as SAT, ACT, HSPT, and ISEE Test Prep. In addition to core subjects, our tutors can provide academic coaching and help your child learn crucial organizational strategies and study skills that support performance in all areas.


What sets us apart is our uniquely customized approach to private tutoring. We realize that tutoring is not a cookie-cutter process. We customize our policy based on the individual needs of the students.

One-On-One Tutoring
Knowledge Repository

Knowledge Repository

Our  knowledge repository is an online database that systematically captures, organizes, and categorizes knowledge-based information.

Through ALH's repositories, we help educational institutions connect students with information and expertise globally via online searchable libraries, discussion forums and other elements. We provide a central location to collect, contribute and share digital learning resources for use in instructional design and content development for both traditional and non-traditional learning environments. This has become an integral part of knowledge management programs and a valuable stimulant of social and informal learning activities.

Tutpriong Inquiries

Tutoring Inquiries

When inquiry intersects with tutoring, the dynamic between tutors and students shifts from a relationship of tutor as knowledge bearer and student as knowledge seeker to collaboration between the tutor and student. Using inquiry in tutoring places agency and responsibility for learning squarely on the shoulders of the student as they do the heavy lifting of learning

For students to maximally benefit from tutoring, they must engage in a metacognitive process of separating what they know from what confuses them. When they bring this inquisitive stance to tutoring and are met with supportive questioning, instead of being provided with answers, they are able to not only resolve their confusion and learn the necessary academic content to achieve in their coursework, but they also have the steps to address similar problems in the future and develop an awareness of the learning process. In short, they learn how to learn.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Individual tutoring has many natural benefits, while group tutoring requires a more conscious leadership role on the part of the tutor. The primary advantage of group tutoring (and disadvantage of individual tutoring) is the potential for the sharing of a variety of views and information. Groups also demonstrate cooperative attitudes and work skills in contrast to individual tutoring, which is more self-centered by nature. We are trying to establish the characteristics of positive interdependence, individual accountability, shared leadership, and interpersonal and small group skills, with an emphasis on task and group processing.

Study groups offer students the opportunity for in-depth discussions about course material. They provide an opportunity for students to think out loud and share insights about their knowledge. The time for students to find out what they do not know is before a test or examination, not during it!




Our Math tutors help students with math studies and applications  individually or in small groups.


Our English tutors specializes in grammar and language comprehension via nstructional and assessment strategies.

Social Sciences

Our social studies tutors teach  history, geography, politics, economics, religion,sociology, and culture to students.


Our accounting tutors provide academic support to assistance students in essential accounting and financial concepts.

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