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t has been quite the journey getting a website ready, but we’re here. A big thank you to the 88ninety team; please visit for your web development needs.

I first started A Lone Highway Tutoring in July 2017 while transitioning out of corporate America. Initially, I served as an independent contractor for other organizations. In addition to ensuring that I actually knew what I was doing as a tutor, I also began to learn the area. I grew confidence dealing with DMV area parents, learned about the educational politics, and identified relevant tests and subject matter that students would focus on.

The 2017-2018 academic year was a success, overall. The summer? Not so much. Not at all, in fact. But near the end of summer 2018, I found Top Score Education. One 1550 untimed SAT score later, I joined their team as an SAT/ACT test prep tutor. So if you are looking for help in those specific tests, please contact their team, and you’ll be treated to world-class service on your way to better scores.

Approaching 2019, I set a goal to operate A Lone Highway Tutoring as a true business. The result is this awesome website, as well as adding two tutors to the team with incredible expertise and attention to detail. So please do not let another day pass without letting A Lone Highway Tutoring solve your educational challenges. Contact us and we’ll either help, or direct you to those who can. And please continue to follow on Facebook.

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